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Germany's oldest Gymnasien include Gymnasium Paulinum (founded around 797), Gymnasium Theodorianum (founded in 799) and Gymnasium Carolinum (founded in 804).

In Italy, there are several kinds of high schools, both public and private, whose curriculum has as a primary aim the preparation for university. The name comes from "Lyceum", the Latin rendering of the Ancient Greek Λύκειον ("Lykeion"), the name of a gymnasium in Classical Athens dedicated to Apollo Lyceus.

A Gymnasium (plural: Gymnasien) is a particular type of school in Germany and other countries in Europe, with the goal to prepare its pupils to enter a university.

Admission is sometimes based on specific selection criteria, usually academic, but some schools have open enrollment.Some prep schools are affiliated with a particular religious denomination.Unlike parochial schools, independent preparatory schools are not governed by a religious organization, and students are usually not required to receive instruction in one particular religion.Nevertheless, there exist many less prestigious classes préparatoires.As a result, 90% of the students in the scientific classes préparatoires eventually become engineers or scientists.

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