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Badd." Mero continued, "they sent me my plane ticket and I noticed it was only the one ticket. And I called Vince, I go, 'Vince, we made a deal - my wife goes everywhere I go.' And he goes, 'to sign a contract? I mean, she's very pretty and I think she'd do very well.' And he said, 'well, let's just concentrate on you.'"Anyways, we fly up to New York and we walk into Vince's office with my ex-wife, Rena. I'm just so proud of her going from never doing anything like that to becoming a major superstar in the business.' I go, 'she goes everywhere,' so they sent me another ticket. And he looked at her and he just goes, 'I have got to put her on TV.' I mean, it was like he just knew that at this moment he saw this character, Sable, and we had all these names that we were trying to decide from and we chose the name, Sable. I mean, she [has] got kids with Brock now and they're doing well.I couldn't be happier for those guys." On the subject of Mero's favorable WWE contract, which has been widely considered a watershed deal as far as WWE offering guaranteed contracts, Mero claimed that he got everything that he wanted from the deal: guaranteed money, a signing bonus, and having Sable's travel covered by the company."It was in '96 when Eric Bischoff took over [in WCW], and I was renewing my contract, and he gave me a sweet deal, but WWE gave me an amazing deal." Mero remembered, "and not only did they give me an amazing deal, but Vince [Mc Mahon] gave me everything at the time.

I did not want that to happen to my new marriage, so I put that as part of my contract.

You had a few matches with Triple H on the road, but you never had a feud on TV. In fact, we’re having breakfast together right now.

I don’t think he wanted to put me over — so that never happened.——————————————————————————–Brock on his marriage to Sable: Finally, what’s the best story you’ve heard about yourself that isn’t true.?

"Meeting my ex-wife Rena, who became Sable, we were married when I was Johnny B.

Badd at WCW." Mero recalled, "and then, of course, I brought her into WWE with me, and she became very successful, and we did very well with that.

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