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Following the Mojave River, the rails pass through the amazing features of Afton Canyon then race across the dunes to the oasis of Kelso. Draw bars strain as big diesels dig in for the nineteen mile pull to the summit.

Crossing into Nevada, trains leave the lonely desert behind as they roll among the lights of Las Vegas. Run Time: 1 hour 58 minutes * WIDESCREEN DVDBy 7idea Productions Ref D530Regular Price £23NEW RELEASE OFFER £22 UNTIL 7th December 2018find out more BNSF's Needles Subdivision travels 170 miles through one of the hottest and driest places in North America: The Mojave Desert.

The high density Southern Transcon sees 80 trains per day, yielding both a wide variety and many perfectly timed meets. Run Time: 2 hours 20 minutes * WIDESCREEN DVDBy 7idea Productions DVD Regular Price £23NEW RELEASE OFFER £22 UNTIL 5th October 2018find out more California's Mojave Desert is the driest place in North America.

From hot and fast Z trains to long, heavy stacks, grain, coal, ethanol and manifest trains, the Needles Subdivision delivers! It ranges in elevation from over 11,000 feet in the Spring Mountains, to 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley.

Not to be missed, a must see program for steam lovers everywhere!

The Atlas shows all currently operated common carrier, tourist and major industrial railroads along with abandoned routes.

Lines shown as electrified or narrow gauge are shown only as such when they are currently so equipped or were at abandonment.

In a world of high horsepower and high tech locomotives dominating the rail scene on Class One rails, it is refreshing to see these old workhorses still out doing their thing. Running Time 150 minutes Color, Hi Fi Stereo Sound, Narration on/off Feature, 16:9 Widescreen©2018 C.

Vision Productions Regular Price £21NEW RELEASE OFFER £20 UNTIL 7th December 2018find out more This the final volume of SPV’s COMPREHENSIVE RAILROAD ATLAS OF NORTH AMERICA covering Canada and includes the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

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