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Talk about what your friends mean to you, and how you hope your friendship will continue.For example, how often you want to see them, whether your partner will be involved, and what your friends mean to you.I live in Morden, south London, I would like to think I have a nice personality and a good sense of humour and fun to be with.My interests include cinema, wine bars, travelling, most types of music and films.I am a loving kind sensitive female who's loves are music books animals family and just life in general I consider myself a spiritual being who's having a human body experience I'm not religious but I do believe in love and a higher power Hello there First please allow me to thank you for taking the time to read this message, I'm Jamie from the UK.

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Talk about it Communication is the key to any great relationship, and talking about opposite-sex friends is no exception.

And if there are aspects of your opposite-sex friendships that affect your relationship, then you may need to address these.

You may even need to face up to the fact that your friendship will have to come to an end.

I also love visiting museums and love shopping trips to London and am looking for similar minded people to make new and strong friendships with,like-minded people who want someone new to socialise with and to have a laugh and some fun with, I love talking with anyone and enjoy listening even more, would love to chat with you if I sound like the sort of friend you would like, I am always willing to get involved with other people's interests and try new things.

If the friendship leads to something more then that would be a bonus, I always think the best relationship starts with a strong friendship.

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