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HOW TO SAVE YOUR DARLING Leopoldo Caggiano / 2016 / 6min. UNA BELLISSIMA BUGIA Lorenzo Santoni / 2016 / 15min. ZUG NACH PEACE Jakob Weyde, Jost Althoff / Germany 2016 / 10min.AND THE MOON STANDS STILL Yulia Ruditskaya / Belarus 2017 / 11min.

Emilio Della Chiesa Direttore artistico Emilio Della Chiesa Festival Director Giuria/Jury Presidente / President FRANCISCO MANUEL MAGALHÃES LOBO DE ÁVILA Francisco Lobo de Ávila lives in the Porto city in Portugal he is director of the Oporto International Short Film Festival, producer, director, international jury member of film and television. He also devoted his work to the specialized media as a content provider (images and written articles) for several years. In the area of photography were various exhibitions and international Works (analogical photography).

- Universidade da Beira Interior MUSICIAN Aleksei Borovikov / Russian Federation 2016 / 18min.

- Moscow Film School CHEERS Shirin Hooshmandi / Austria 2016 / 6min.

- Screen Academy Scotland Lunedì 19 giugno ore - THRILLER VIDÉKI RANDEVÚ Balázs Dudás / Hungary 2016 / 20min.

- University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest I WATCH HER SLEEP Béla Baptiste / Austria 2016 / 17min.

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