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Having two competitive advantages: abundant natural resources and human capital, region relies on the development of a knowledge economy, the basis of which is a strong scientific and educational complex.

Among Russian regions, Tomsk Region is the leader not only in the number of small enterprises, but also in the number of employees in small business.

Petersburg – Kotlas – Syktyvkar – Perm – Khanty-Mansiysk – Tomsk).

Total railway mileage within Tomsk Region is 346 km, the main train line of which is Bely Yar – Tomsk – Taiga. Tomsk is a through station from Adler to Vladivostok.

Administrative center: Tomsk District: Siberian Federal district Governor: Sergey Zhvachkin Date of formation: August 13, 1944The distance from the administrative center to Moscow – 3633 km (highway). Time: Moscow 3 hours Cities of the region: Tomsk, Seversk, Strezhevoy, Kolpashevo, Asino, Kedroviy.

Tomsk region is located in the geographical center of Siberia.

In 2010-2030 project-construction of new international and trans-re­gional highways, including the Northern Highway (Perm – Ivdel – Khanty-Man­siysk – Tomsk).

In 2016-2030 new federal road network construction is planned to integrate separate regional roads into a single North-West – Siberia transport infrastructure (St.

The leading industries are engineering, metalwork, wood and oil.

The region­al strategic target is to create a dynamically developing, well-balanced and com­petitive high-income economy.

Analysis of development indicators (2004-2010) revealed sustainable positive dynamics, average population income growth and unemployment reduction in the region.

At the beginning of the academic year 2009/2010 in Tomsk region operated 7 state operated independent higher education institutions.

The contribution of scientific and educational complex in GRP exceeds 7 %.

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