Daughters and dating cupid predating speed dating

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I’m doing my job as a parent and it is not the responsibility of some gun-toting father to scare my sons into being respectful.

Let’s also deal with the double standard here: Young women can also be disrespectful when it comes to sexuality.

Maybe the problem is the grown men who never learned to respect women in the first place and who still think a woman’s body is something they get to control.

My message to fathers of daughters is this: Be a good role model for your daughter, show her how a man should treat women, make sure she understands consent — how to give it and how to ask for it — and knows what to do if she feels unsafe. Show your daughter you respect her bodily autonomy and her choices, including who she chooses to date.

The “father with a gun” joke has been around for years, but it was never funny.

The type of man who thinks violence is a solution, who doesn’t see women, his daughter included, as equals with bodily autonomy and a right to make their own choices, is a bigger danger to his daughter than my son could ever be.

But how tone deaf do you have to be to honestly believe it’s funny to threaten to murder a young boy just because he’s accompanying your daughter to a school dance?

What must you think of your daughter’s ability to make good choices for her own life?

How is pointing a gun at a teenager who is dating your daughter in any way a responsible act?

As the mom of two young sons, I’m both angered and terrified of the idea of them being threatened some day by the father of a girl they date.

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