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When you look at it from space, it looks like a wave was just drawn on the surface of the ocean. It kept standing out to me as the one that I should paint.” Capturing the moment Having chosen “the wave” as her scene, Stott then needed to figure out how to capture it.

As such, Stott took a photo of the islands and then printed it out on a scrap piece of paper.

“So you have to do this auto-color, auto-correct [digital manipulation] to get any type of clarity out of it and it still doesn’t get it.” “It still doesn’t get what your eyes see through the window – this glowing, colorful living planet, it just doesn’t get that,” she said.

Artistically-inclined since childhood (“my mom calls me the ‘artsy-crafty’ one in the family”), Stott was inspired to take the watercolor set to space after the crew support staff at NASA asked her to think about what she would like to do during her limited free time on the station.

“What I would do is squeeze just the tiniest little sphere of water out of a drink bag and then shove the brush into that so that it would wick into the brush.

I’d then quickly cap the bag off,” Stott described.

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