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The PIAAC Survey collects data using complex sample and psychometric designs making it necessary to use advanced statistical procedures to estimate sampling and measurements variances.

» Macros and data analysis manuals Download the SAS® Macro (version 2.2) The IDB facilitates the analysis of data from the Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC).

It creates SPSS code that can be used with SPSS to conduct statistical analyses, taking into account the complex sample structure of the databases.

Download the detailed list of the updated variables Download the dataset (Public Use Files) The U. PIAAC synthetic restricted use file (S-RUF) is available to researchers outside the U. to prepare computer code for the analysis of PIAAC data on the U. The original 2012 data have been updated, reweighted, and revised with the release of this 2012/2014 dataset, so the updated U. dataset should be used for analyses instead of this original 2012 version unless you are seeking to reproduce historic analyses.

In the context of the development of PIAAC second cycle, a pilot study using several online surveys was conducted in order to test the measurement properties of nine personality scales– the Big Five, Traditionalism, Self-Control, Self-Efficacy, Honesty/Integrity, Socio-Emotional Skills, Intellectual Curiosity, Job Orientation Preferences and Vocational Interests.

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