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He headed south from Japan to Punta Arenas on 10 November and was dropped off at his starting point on the 17th.His blog (in Japanese) with photos is here., and his position map is here.They arrived in spectacular fashion at Union Glacier on 11 January.Here's a 2 February nz article about Mark Sedon, the Kiwi member of the team.His was the next-to-last NGO venture to reach Pole this season; the Norwegians Astrid Furholt and Jan Sverre Sivertsen arrived a few hours later.Davor's main website (in English and Croatian) with more information about him and his previous projects, is here.Their original plans included the technical south face buttress (2500' climb/6600' above sea level) of the expedition namesake Spectre.

As of late November he was still on a cruise ship..that returned north he returned to PA and was flown to Union Glacier on 27 November. By the 12th he was at 81º15'S and had traveled 180km.

is a 35-year-old Croatian writer and photographer who has traveled extensively worldwide and written six books, including one for National Geographic.

He was attempting to be the first Croatian to reach the South Pole..a solo unsupported trek from Hercules Inlet.

Ben arrived UG on the first IL-76 flight on 4 November, and was dropped off at his starting point on the 9th thanks to good weather.

After 10 days he was at 82ºS; on 11 December he was about 250 miles from Pole.

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