Intimidating football quotes

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The career of Don Drysdale was cut short (33 years young) due to a rotator cuff tear, but in those twelve full seasons (two others were partial), he was widely considered one of the most dominant pitchers.Bill James, in Whatever Happened to the Hall of Fame, wrote, "With the possible exception of Bob Gibson, Drysdale was the most intimidating pitcher between Lefty Grove and Rob Dibble.Only one Dodger has ever had more strikeout titles than Drysdale, Hall of Fame lefty Sandy Koufax (4x).5 - Don Drysdale tied the National League record for shutouts in a month when he threw five in May 1968 (more than most modern league leading pitchers have in a full season).Founded in 2009, its heyday lasted until 2011, after which it entered a decline. It coalesced around protests organised by various football hooligan firms to oppose the presence of the small Salafi Islamist group Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah in Luton, Bedfordshire.The organisation grew swiftly, holding demonstrations against Islamism across England and often clashing with anti-fascist protesters from Unite Against Fascism and other groups, who deemed it a racist organisation victimising British Muslims.

In 2013 Robinson—supported by the Quilliam think tank—left the group; he claimed it had become too extreme, and established the rival Pegida UK.

No pitcher since has ever thrown six, and only one pitcher has tied the mark since Drysdale, Orel Hershiser in September 1988.

6 - Don Drysdale threw six consecutive shutouts in 1968, five during the month of May (mentioned above), and one additional during his first start in June.

Following his departure, the group's membership heavily declined and it began to fragment into smaller, regional organisations.

Ideologically on the extreme or far-right of British politics, the EDL is part of the international counter-jihad movement.

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