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In this photograph you can see how the majority of her ribs were left more or less as the tree trunks and branches came, and only trimmed at their junctions with the planks of the boat.You can also get a feel for the size of the boat from this view of its construction.The first two of these three photographs are of groups of boats sitting at dawn in the low water off al-Bida prior to the Corniche road being developed in Doha.The photographs were taken in 1972 when the traditional way of beaching craft was still practised.

Der Fahrer war nach eigenen Angaben einer Rotte Wildschweinen L√ľneburg/Wriedel.

Unfortunately, I have to warn you that I can not guarantee the absolute accuracy of everything I write.

Much of it comes from conversations I have had in the past with locals with an interest in boats as well as those engaged in the construction and maintenance of them, but I regret now not making notes.

The boats and their associated activities created a strong link between the past and present which development of the Corniche cut off.

The increase in revenue from oil in the Arabian/Persian Gulf has seen a considerable increase in the use of modern shipping.

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