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Entering a restaurant, he wraps his left wrist around the door handle, so that he can pull the door open while still looking at the phone. The restaurant starts getting a lot of unusual phone calls.The callers say that they are Paul Denino’s father or his mother and they urgently need to talk to their son, who is autistic. He says yes, but then explains that the callers are pranking him.The best live streamers please their audience while maintaining the creative freedom to grow, though the fact that fickle viewers are also a live streamer’s investors makes this balance more precarious than it is in perhaps any other form of entertainment.Simply changing the type of game they play has sent many streamers’ audience numbers, and income, tumbling.A strange creature stalks Los Angeles, hunting for content.He is pale and tall, as skinny as a folded-up tripod.

When I first met him, in January, he said that he was on track to make sixty thousand dollars that month, through sponsorships and donations from viewers.

He is live-streaming through the camera on the stick, and some of the thousands of people watching are trying to fuck with him. Callers claim that Denino is a pedophile trying to lure children to his lair, or that the large backpack he’s wearing contains a bomb, rather than a two-thousand-dollar cellular transmitter. Almost immediately, the restaurant’s rating on Yelp begins to plummet.

Dozens of one-star reviews flood the page within seconds.

For a while, he was into bodybuilding—his mother is a competitive power lifter—and he shared updates about his muscle gains on a bodybuilding forum, under the handle Leanice44.

His automatic signature was “You are an artist, sculpt your masterpiece.”The fact that people can now broadcast live video from wherever they are seems like a relatively small development in the history of technology, but for streaming fans it is as exciting as the invention of television.

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