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In a marriage talking about things usually brings a resolution or solution unless one person does not do the things they agree to do during the discussion. There are two people in a marriage is time you do your part. 99 - You know nothing about their marriage, so how can you make all these assumptions?

The woman very may well have not tried talking things out.

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FML it sounds like the wife is desperate for her husband to stop being lazy and it's a pretty good scheme; maybe she's not so crazy after all. I know that when my husband doesn't help out I get annoyed, which means I don't want sex.

He could verywell be a useless husband who just sits around playing X box and expects sex #72, your solution is kind of immature and no way to solve a situation like this. Sure the wife isn't doing the most mature thing herself but getting into this kind of vicious circles isn't the solution imo. If she would like him to do these things, maybe she should talk to him like an adult. I ask, but I have to nag to get it done, which I hate, so I just do it.

A wife or husband should not have to resort to this to get the help they need.

Also, I think it's pretty fucked up his wife is trying to be so in control of his own sex life. But I think it shows desperation to resort to a sex chart. but doubt a sex chart would be the first solution she, region, city, latitude & longitude of city, ZIP code, time zone, connection speed, ISP, domain name, IDD country code, area code, weather station code and name, mobile carrier, elevation and usage type information using a proprietary IP address lookup database and technology without invading the Internet user's privacy.The IP2Location solution is available as database, programming API and hosted solution.If she's willing to go down that path, OP must be pretty unambitious. According to OPs sorry, he gets points by doing chores, and he isn't getting points because he isn't doing anything, and this was his wife's way to get him to finally do some chores, and he still failed at doing chores, even for sex.Too often men want to sit on their asses and not help out then expect their women to be full of energy in bed.

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