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Porsha, who tries to go vegan this season, seems to be at odds with Ne Ne, and the two have a pretty big verbal argument over Porsha’s involvement in that vicious lie about Kandi from last season.By any other name: Amiyah refers to herself by a number of different monikers on her Instagram account, which include: 'the unicorn with an invisible horn,' model, make-up guru, and a weaveologist, as well as mermaid, transformer and beauty consultant Amiyah also reveals she wants to use every talent she has and says in the profile: 'When I stand before God, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say: "I used everything you gave me."'In an interview with the website she spoke out about the pressure on her when in a relationship as a transgender woman, and how it is difficult to have a 'normal' romance: 'I realized that I’ll never be able to be “normal”.In the meantime Dwight occupied himself by planning some sort of elaborate name dedication for Ayden featuring a throne, chariot, and other princely features, followed by a 12 cake birthday party with a cake for each month of life.And, of course, everyone is trying to figure out Kenya Moore’s marriage and whether or not it’s real, which creates serious tension with Kim Zolciak, who seems to be buddy-buddy with Porsha these days.[Photo Credit: Bravo]Even Kim Zolciak, a Licensed Practical Nurse, or Licensed Nurse Practitioner (but definitely a professional baby-factory), knew that no doctor would induce a baby that soon if it weren’t a matter of life or death.Sheree is dating someone new, but the cast seems to think he’s a con-artist.

SEASON 4:[Photo Credit: Bravo]In season 4 it was Smalls vs.It will be interesting to see how things are now that the self-proclaimed Southern Belle is out of the picture, as well as how Kandi and Porsha will move forward.He must have spent ,000 on the roses for her hair and the rhinestones in Phaedra’s eyelashes, right?Theodore then appointed Adrian as abbot of Saints Peter and Paul monastery (which later changed its name to St.Many saints, scholars, and missionaries were educated in these schools and went on to do great works for the faith.

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    However, after these "presents and promises," tension often begins to build again, and at some point, the abuser again hurts his or her partner.

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