Updating db from xml

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Create a table with a column of XMLType which is not based on the XMLSchema. Copy the content of the existing table into the CLOB based table.

For now i have to delete schema A too and reregister schema A and B.

Hi all, Below is my code string[] Key Columns List = null; string[] Update Columns List = null; int rows = 0; // Create the connection.

string constr = "User Id=USer; Password=Password; Data Source=sample"; Oracle Connection conn = new Oracle Connection(constr); conn. Oracle Command cmd = new Oracle Command("", conn); // Set the XML command type to insert.

I know that e Xist-db does not support in-memory updating/replacing.

I have tried any possible route I have managed to understand from documentation/other people's questions, etc.

value that specifies a default mapping or namespace mapping for prefixes, which Oracle Database uses when evaluating the XPath expression(s).

If you update an XML element to null, Oracle removes the attributes and children of the element, and the element becomes empty.

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I have a database (index) of people like: let $forename := request:get-parameter('forename', '') let $peid := request:get-parameter('peid', '') let $oldforename := doc(myfile)//tei:list Person/tei:person[@xml:id=$peid]/tei:pers Name/tei:forename [...] is not possible (it's an in-memory operation).

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xmldb:update or xmldb:store are of no help, apparently.

I have used ryanjdew's XQuery-XML-Memory-Operations-master to no avail - apparently it's not ideal for changing the text inside nodes. If you are updating the contents of an XML file stored in e Xist's database, this is not an "in-memory" operation; it is a database operation.

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